Top 10 Best Unique DIY Halloween Costumes

Published: 05th October 2009
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Top 10 Unique DIY Halloween Costumes
I am going to give you a cheap and easy list of do it yourself Halloween Costumes that will make you the original at the party. The best tip for making your own Halloween Costume is to plan early and start gathering your accessories and materials ahead of time. This allows you time to search Halloween Costume shops, fabric stores, and thrift stores before everything is gone. The Dollar store and 99 cent store are also kick butt places to find your cheap Halloween Costume Accessory.

1. Power Puff Girls- One piece bathing suit, black ribbon, mary janes and 2 of your best friends

2. Dexter and Didi from Dexter's Lab- lab coat and rubber gloves with glasses, pink leotard, tutu and ballet slippers

3. Johnny Bravo- Jeans, tight black tshirt, an elvis wig spray painted yellow and sunglasses

4.Psych, wear a green shirt and be uber observant, have a sidekick in a button down

5. Lucy Daughter of the Devil- A short run show on cartoon network that is hilarious. Great for Couples Halloween Costumes.
You can be DJ Jesus- just dress like Jesus and have the big DJ headphones on
Becky the devils advocate, wear a red skirt and blazer, have a skull mask, glasses and a briefcase
The Catholic Brigade: 2 priests and Nun(who loves dimsum)
Or the Devil himself, all red with a bill cosby sweater

6. Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law- Suit, Birdman Mask, Briefcase, and make some wings

7. She-ra Princess of Power and He-Man, Master of the Universe. Great for couples or siblings. You will need a white strapless leotard, and mini skirt, or a corset top and mini skirt, knee high boots, red cape(which can easily be made out of 2 yards of red fabric), a Crown, and either blond hair or a wig, then the sword. He man is easier, just some loin cloth action and some ugg boots for men. Warm climate recommended!

8. Thundercats! There are so many to choose from and almost all wear spandex! I was Cheetara, and you can see how I put it together here.Click Here!

9. Avatar, the last airbender: Ok I know the movie is coming out but you will be kick ass if you dress up like him before it goes mega big. Just need a bald head, some ink for the arrow, an orange sheet and some baggy sweats underneath, plus a cool staff.

10. The Baroness from GI Joe. I know not super unique but it would be an amazing all black outfit.
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