Girls Volleyball Personality

Published: 05th November 2009
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Half of the fight of a girls volleyball program lies in personality. As we know it takes 6 on a court to play the sport and twice the number to train and practice it. I find girls volleyball players are much less apt to leave emotions that effect their personality off the court. There should always be a girls volleyball team personality, in addition to the individual player. A team identity, do we crumble under pressure? Do we fight when the situation arises? Do we always miss our serves when they call a time out or on game point? Do we crush the opponent in set 1 to get cocky and lose set 2? This is how teams are defined. Girls volleyball personalities are as unique as the players themselves.

Players will be more unpredictable the younger they are. When they tank in a game it may be because instead of focusing on their unique job in that moment they are thinking about spanish homework or debate class or the movie they just watched. Your team won't share with you their major absence of duty, and you would never know from their outward personality that inward they have lost focus, drive, and heart. As coaches I tell my team time and time again, I can train them to fear me and unite as a team in their fear to create an obedient and tough team personality, or I tell them I can treat them like people and they can play with heart and dedication to their sport. A girls volleyball personality is hard to nail down because they themselves are constantly changing and altering it, half the time without even knowing it. But I do believe fear based coaching only gets a player so far along. The fear leads to stress, which I talk about in this article.

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